SMR Sterling Marlin Racing with Zack Person

We use TriboDyn in our rear ends, transmissions, and engines.

TriboDyn - Feel the Difference

Don't trust any oil, trust TriboDyn.

What's the Big Deal with TriboDyn?

Learn what makes TriboDyn different.

Fultz Racing Rear End Gear Change

Run TriboDyn exclusively. The rear ends run cooler and clings to all the gears.

Club DSport Magazine TriboDyn Dyno Test

Cadillac Escalade 2005, reduce friction and increase 3% gain in horsepower.

Lee Faulk Racing Trusts TriboDyn

Saw a big difference in the rear
end temperature reduced by 75 degrees (F). Use grease, gear oil, and engine oil.

Harley TriboDyn Oil Test

Picked up 2 miles per gallon and reduced the engine and gear noise.

Corvette Road Test with TriboDyn Oil

Reduced the noise, reduced the temperature, and increased the fuel mileage.

Horsepower in a Bottle

Increase gas mileage by reducing the friction.