The Best Kept Secret in Motorsports,

Beats ALL High-Performance Brands.

Gain The Edge... Get More Power

For Your Ford Mustang

Why the Pros Trust TriboDyn®

Top Protection, Superior Performance

TriboDyn®  's patented full synthetic and synthetic blend engine oils provide long-lasting protection that results in increased horsepower and lower engine temperatures.

2-time Daytona 500 winner and NASCAR legend STERLING MARLIN agrees: He uses TriboDyn® for his racing team and in his personal cars and trucks.

NASCAR legend STERLING MARLIN talks about how TriboDyn® is "the good stuff" 

Proven Reliability Backed By Independent Testing & Results

TriboDyn®'s patented formulas have been developed through years of engineering research to outperform all other brands. They have been tested in labs, shops and racing series all over the world.

Test results and testimonials from professional/everyday drivers confirm their effectiveness.

Sterling Marlin Racing

Zack Harrison, Crew Chief for Sterling Marlin Racing, explains why they chose TriboDyn® after 3,000 laps of testing.

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Tops Mobil 1, Royal Purple and others

TriboDyn® comes out on top when tested head-to-head against high-performance brands in extreme pressure tests.

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On the Track and in the Street

Racing teams and everyday drivers switch to TriboDyn® after experiencing the difference in their own vehicles.

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With TriboDyn® Patented Oils:

  • Get More Horsepower
  • Increased Torque
  • Reduced Engine Noise
  • Lower engine Temperatures
  • Better Fuel mileage

Patented Blue Technology

TriboDyn®'s patent on its proprietary coating process and the TriboDyn® Blue color was awarded in recent years, making it the first oil company to receive a US patent in decades.

Frequently Asked Questions

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